Transom Services

Maintain Power on the Water with a Strong Transom

Whether it is flat, upright, sloping or curved, any boat mechanic will tell you that your boat’s transom is an integral part of your vessel that transmits the tremendous power of your engine to the rest of your boat. To maintain strength, and to ensure that your boat operates safely on the water, taking good care of your transom is crucial.

At Nautica Marine Services, our highly qualified boat mechanics can provide professional transom repairs and replacement services for any type of boat transom, be it metal, aluminium, iron or wood.

Our skilled marine mechanics can quickly assess the condition of your transom and check for any damage, holes, indentation, corrosion, deterioration or rotting. If the damage is not too severe, we can repair the transom and restore its structural integrity. If necessary, our boat mechanics are also equipped to completely replace it with a new transom that fits your boat perfectly.

Our workshop is located in Carrum Downs, but for your convenience we can haul your boat or send our mobile boat mechanic to you.

Our Transom Service and Repairs Includes

  • General transom service and maintenance
  • Transom repairs
  • Transom replacement
  • Transom inner and outer skin repair
  • Transom reconstruction
  • Fibreglass replacement and repair
  • Transom accident and repair
  • Repair due to age and general wear and tear
  • Mobile services – we come to you

To keep your boat safe out on the water, call on the experienced marine mechanics Nautica Marine Services for all your transom service and replacement needs.