Marine Trailers

We Preserve Superior Trailer Function For Lasting Performance

At Nautica Marine Services, we specialise in marine trailers. Our boat mechanics believe that simply by maintaining proper care of your trailer, you’ll have peace of mind when towing your pride and joy, and keep your trailer for much longer.

According to our marine technicians, your trailer is susceptible to general wear and tear on the road, as well as the harshness of the marine environment, so trailer maintenance is just as important as servicing your car or vessel.

The running gear on your trailer ensures your vessel can quickly and easily. Our qualified marine technicians can assist you with repair and maintenance of any trailer model – we stock a full range of parts to service and repair your model.

Ask us about our Nautica Boat Trailer unique water flush system that our marine mechanics can install on most boat trailers.

Interested in purchasing a new or replacement trailer? Please visit our partner company Nautica Boat Trailers to discover our range of high quality trailers to suit any vessel or craft, with small trailers for jet skis or tinnies, right up to large tandem axle trailers.

Our services include:

  • Marine trailer sales
  • Boat trailer setup and fitting
  • General trailer maintenance
  • Free 6 point check on your trailer with every electrical or engine service
  • Accident repairs
  • Part repair and replacement
  • Supply and installation of Nautica Boat Trailer unique water flush system
  • Spring changes
  • Comprehensive break check and service on hydraulic, electric or mechanical break systems
  • Wheel bearings inspection, re-grease and replacement
  • Roller and skid conversions and replacement
  • Tandem Axle upgrade
  • Trailer rebuild
  • Lighting adjustments and re-wiring